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Cerlic CMC - High Total Solids Microwave & Control Box

Microwave TS Meter – True-Phase Technology

Product Highlights

  • Single point calibration
  • Low installation and lifetime costs
  • Reliable & accurate
  • Not affected by process or media changes
  • Easy to use display
  • Wide TS concentration range
  • Automatic recovery after empty pipe

The CMC high concentration total solids meter is an excellent tool for continuous online TS concentration measurement in WWTP and biosolids applications. Common applications are thickened sludge prior to digesters, anaerobic sludge to centrifuges, primary clarifier sludge to obtain polymer dosing savings or better process control.

The reliable and well tested measuring principle of microwave true-phase technology which utilizes 5 frequency’s to achieve higher accuracy and automatic recovery after an empty pipe situation. True –Phase technology used in the CMC has proven to offer high measurement accuracy over a wide range of TS concentrations. The rugged design with no moving parts insures high reliability and minimum maintenance. The microwave sensor is available in 3” – 12” sizes (DN 80 – DN300).