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Cerlic MT Portable Multitracker Controller

DO/Sludge Blanket/Suspended Solids Sensors

Product Highlights

Quick and reliable measurement with Sludge Blanket, Suspended Solids and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Connection to a computer

  • Downloading of data with USB Cable (optional)
  • Program upgrades, free from Cerlic web site

Built-in logger

  • Stores up to 250 samples & 50 fields


  • Vibration and Acoustic alarms at preset concentrations set by user

User Friendly Interface

  • Large graphical display

Multitracker is a portable instrument for measuring parameters in Water or Wastewater Treatment Plants as well as other industries. Sensors are available for measuring sludge blanket, suspended solids and dissolved oxygen. Cable lengths of 13’, 26’ (standard) or 39’ (4,8,12 m) connect easily to the controller with an M12 plug connector. The Multitracker built-in data logger will store up to 250 samples and 50 fields. The same plug-in sensor connector can be used for the (optional) USB cable for downloading of data. The logged data can now be transferred to a computer and be handled with “Cerlic Tracker Talk” or MS Excel. Two different alarm levels can be set for min/max values on most units with vibration or acoustic signal at set points. Battery life is approximately 1-2 years with normal usage. MultiTracker is supplied in 2 or (optional) 5 sensor pvc case.

TrackerTalk Software


MultiTracker Hand Controller P/N 11901057
Display: LCD graphical, 128 x 64 pixels
Backlight: Yes and adjustable ON length
Languages: English, Swedish, German, French
Log function: 250 Samples and 50 Fields
Signal Alarm at preset values: Acoustic and Vibration
Temperature range: Controller – 14 – 122°F (-10 – +50°C)
Weight w/ sensor: 3.5# (1.6 kg)
Batteries: 4 x AA (1.5V)
Battery Life – Continuous: Up to 100 Hours
Battery Life – normal usage: approx. 1-2 years
Enclosure: Nema 4 (IP65)
Carrying Case: Controller w/ 2 sensors as standard or special 3 sensor case

Cable: PUR shielded, 13’, 26’ & 39’ (4, 8, 12m) lengths
Sensor Housing & cablehook: 316SS
Temperature range – sensor: 32 – 122°F (0-50°C) & Liquid temp is displayed on screen

Blanko P/N 11301060 Sludge Blanket Sensor with 26’ (8m) cable (option 39´, 10m)
Measures: Both Fluff & Blanket depths at preset concentrations
Depth Measurement: Standard pressure sensor is good to 3,000’ elevation
Range: 0-20,000 ppm
Resolution: 50 ppm

Solido P/N 11301077 Suspended Solids Sensor with 26’ (8m) cable (standard)
Range: 0-50,000 ppm
Resolution: 1 ppm
Calibration curves: 3 with 1 sample point & common zero

Oxyduo P/N 11301073 DO Sensor with 26’ (8m) cable (standard)
Range: 0-20 mg/l
Electrode: Optical

OxyDuo Brochure