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Cerlic Sensors and Monitors

ITX20 Submersible Suspended Solids Sensor

The ITX20 is the go to submersible sensor for process control TSS readings. Designed for easy setup, accurate readings and a durable contruction, this sensor makes getting a TSS reading simple and easy.

CTX2025 LC – Low Concentration Suspended Solids

This 1 inch Flow Thru Reuse Low Suspended Solids Sensor provides the most accurate readings of low concentration TSS. These reading can be used for final effluent process control or for regulatory purposes.

PHX & REX (pH & ORP)

Cerlic’s durable sensors for pH and/or ORP can be used in conjuction with other Cerlic sensors or as a stand alone sensor. Know what’s happening with pH and ORP instantly with the accurate and easy to use sensors.

ITXIL – Inline Suspended Solids

Cerlic’s Inline Suspended Solids Sensor is ideal for measuring TSS in a pipe. Applications include but are not limited to RAS, WAS, MLSS, and Sand Filter Backwash monitoring.

CMC Microwave – High Concentration Total Solids

This microwave sensor is designed to provide accurate in-pipe readings for high solids concentrations. When solids are too high for other sensors, the CMC is an ideal solution for accurate and reliable TS readings.

CTX2025 Flow-Through Suspended Solids

Cerlic’s 1 inch flow through TSS meter optimizes process control. This sensor can be used in a wide variety of applications to provide the most accurate TSS readings.

O2X – Submersible Disolved Oxygen

Cerlic’s Submersible Dissolved Oxygen Sensor uses an Optical Electrode or Clark Cell to provide accurate and easy DO readings.

CBX – Online Sludge Blanket Monitor

This Automatic Sludge Blanket Monitor is specially designed for accurate sludge blanket readings regardless of scum and other potential obstructions. The sensor automatically cleans itself, descends into the process, and retracts to provide accurate readings in any type of clarifier.

FLX – Flow Sensor

The FLX Immersion Flow Sensor measures flow as a function of liquid depth in open channels. Two FLX sensors (or other Xseries sensors) can be connected to a single BB2 control box, so flow can be measured in two types of flumes/weirs simultaneously.