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Cerlic FLX - Flow Sensor

Immersion sensor for Open Channel Flow

Product Highlights

Reliable and accurate measurement

  • Not effected by foam, wind or bouncing liquid surfaces
  • Ventilated cable compensates for atmospheric pressure changes
  • Does not drift with time

Accurate and stable output signal

  • New digital electronics, RS485 communication to BB2 control box

Easy to use

  • New SS slide rail assembly for easy installation and servicing of FLX

Wide measuring range

  • 0.1″ measuring increments up to 39.4” 316S housing for sensor

FLX Immersion Sensor to measure flow as a function of liquid depth in open channels. Two FLX sensors (or other Xseries sensors) can be connected to a single BB2 control box, so flow can be measured in two types of flumes/weirs simultaneously. Actual flow is presented continuously on the display. Liquid height and totalized flow are also avaiable. If overflow function is selected, then the number of overflows is indicated. The sensor is based on digital RS485 communication to our new BB2 control box. The BB2 control box generates two 4-20 mA isolated outputs. and has the ability to add an interface board for future fieldbus communication to support up to four sensors. Sensors are easily connected to the BB2 control box with simple plug & play connections.