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Cerlic ITX - Immersion Suspended Solids Sensor

Suspended Solids Sensor – Submersible Design

Product Highlights

Wide application range

  • Monitor suspended solid in raw sewage, primary clarifier effl., MLSS, RAS, filtrate, centrate, backwash, sewer losses, etc.
  • Measures up to 30,000 ppm (depending on type of solids)

Low maintenance

  • Heavy duty stainless steel sensor head – Wide 0.79″ (20 mm) measuring gap
  • Flushing system with no moving parts

Stable measuring principle

  • Built-in LED compensation loop to alleviate frequent recalibration of sensor
  • Temperature compensation loop
  • Measurement by 880 nm NIR-light

Easy to use

  • Self-instructing menu
  • Calibration with lab test in ppm (mg/l)

The ITX Suspended Solids Sensor is the ultimate tool for effective process control. The sensor is used for continous measurement of suspended solids in aeration basins (MLSS), return sludge troughs, SBR-systems, raw sewage, primary clarifier effluent and sewer monitoring in industrial plants. The sensor is an integral part of controlling solids retention time (SRT) or sludge age. The measuring principle is a single beam of pulsed NIR-light. The LED light source pulses at 880 nm and has a guaranteed life of at least three years. In each installation the meter is calibrated using actual lab tests for up to five sample points. An automatic cleaning system with built-in flushing nozzles ensures accurate measurements with little maintenance.

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