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Cerlic CBX

The optical Sludge Blanket Meter – that works

Product Highlights

  • Optical meter with transmission technology
  • Not disrupted by fluff or floating sludge
  • Optimisation in thickener and sedimentation pools
  • Built in cleaning
  • Built in heat

Cerlic CBX is a reliable stationary sludge blanket meter that detects sedimented or thickened sludge at various positions in waste water treatment plants. The meter may also be used for applications measuring an interface in a floating medium.

Cerlic CBX detects the blanket by means of a near infrared (NIR) suspended solids sensor, which travels through fluff layers until it finds the preset blanket solids concentration. Measuring suspended solids using a transmission method provides a true reading for the sludge content without either colour compensation or indirect assumptions. By combining Cerlic’s transmitting suspended solids meter with modern mechanics, the true sludge level can now be obtained without any risk of disruption from such things as floating sludge. Cerlic’s CBX may also provide a sludge profile of the media in which fluff layers can be seen. The meter is housed in a stainless steel cabinet for installation in a variety of environments and has automatic flushing of both sensor and cable, which means that maintenance is minimal.

Sludge blanket meter CBX is housed in a stainless steel cabinet with integral heating and fan, and is extremely suitable for installation indoors or out. The suspended solids sensor is equipped with an 11 m cable and has an inductive power supply. The current reading for suspended solids is transmitted using an optical interface. power supply and signal transfer are thus completely contact-free, which means a long service life and a high degree of reliability.

Technical specifications

Power Supply: 115V / 60Hz (230V / 50Hz)

Power consumption: 20VA during measuring cycle 10VA, stand-by 70VA with heater

Flush water supply: 1/2″ hose nipple

Flush water pressure: Min. 30 psi (2 bar) Max. 90 psi (6 bar)

Enclosure electronics: NEMA 4 (IP55)

Operating temp: -4…+122°F (-20…+50°C)

Weight: 44lbs (20 kg) incl. mtg. brkt.

Dimensions w/housing: 15.7″ x 8.3″ x 15.7″ H x D x W, (400 x 210 x 400 mm)

Outputs: 4-20mA (20-4mA), RS485 serial communication, Alarm contact (2A, closing)

Inputs, limit switch: Limit switch, N/O, (supplied by customer), (5 VDC voltage loop)

Measuring range: 0-26 ft (8 m)

Cable: Shielded 4-wire polyurethane cable, length 36 ft (11 m)

Measuring principle: NIR optical sensor

Sensor Material: 316SS, lenses BK7 glass